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A young girl struggles to hide the truth until it is forced out of her.

Concealed Poster

Pregnancy denial occurs more often than is recognised and mothers typically receive negative slurs in newspaper headlines. Concealed empathises with a helpless teenager and explores what leads women to conceal.

The development process was funded by the Media Resource Centre and would not have been possible without the MRC’s in-kind support.

2007. 9 mins.
Director/Producer: Kelly Carpenter
Writer: Tegan Chapman
Featuring Helen Neeves
DOP: Kirsty Stark
Editor: Krystle Penhall

Adelaide, Indy Film Festival, 2009
Adelaide, South Australian Screen Awards, 2010
Adelaide, Shorts Film Festival, 2011

Bronze Cinematography Award in ‘Drama – Narrative Short’
Nominated Best Performance in South Australian Screen Awards
Finalist: InDaily People’s Choice Awards, Shorts Film Festival 

A great tool for prompting discussions of pregnancy concealment and other sexual health issues.

Available From:
Birth International

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