Filmmaking Portfolio

Assistant Director

1st Assistant Director
Danger 5 Season 2 – Miniatures Shoot (2014) TV Show
Director: Dario Russo
Producer: Kate Croser

Carbon Daters (2013) Short
Director: Meridith Calthorpe
Producer: Adam Lemmey

A Small Town Problem (2013) Short
Director: Dave Wade
Producer: Alexandra Blue

The Champ (2013) Short
Directors: Sam Cherry & Ella Macintyre
Producer: Emma McGavisk

Is It Dementia? (2012) National Resource
Directors: Brendon Skinner & Simon Williams
Producer: Jane Daw

Wastelander Panda Webseries (2012)
Director: Victoria Cocks
Producer: Kirsty Stark

Mrs Peterson’s Birthday (2012) Short
Director: Luke Marsden
Producer: Ella Macintyre

A Tortured Mind (2011) Short
Director: Dave Wade
Producer: Bettina Hamilton

Wastelander Panda Prologue (2011) Trailer
Director: Victoria Cocks
Producer: Kirsty Stark

A Few Nervous Habits (2011) Short
Director: Michael Hill
Producer: Aaron Nash

The Beekeeper (2011) Short
Director: Marcus McKenzie
Producer: Kirsty Stark

Playford Alive (2011) TVC Campaign
Director: Justin O’Brien
Company: Red Bikini

A Tale of Obsession (2011) Short
Director: Dave Wade
Producer: Manda Webber

L’Artiste (2010) Short
Director: Luke Marsden
Producer: Daniel Charlton
AD Mentor: Brad Lanyon

Beta (2010) Short
Director: Nima Nabili Rad
Producer: Chad Leader

Cropped (2010) Short
Director: Dave Wade
Producer: Bettina Hamilton

Golden Years (2009) Short
Director: Aimee Knight
Producer: Sam Cherry

Things Have Changed (2009) Short
Director: Luke Marsden
Producer: Seth Williams

The Human Prism (2008) Short
Director: Ari Crellin
Producer: Megan Huitema

Momentum (2008) Short
Director: Seth Williams

The Road to Burdon (2007) Short
Director: Dave Scarborough
Producer: Tom Young

Replacement 2nd AD
(Sick Days Fill-In)
100 Bloody Acres (2012) Feature
Directors: Colin & Cameron Cairnes
1st AD: Brad Lanyon
2nd AD: Jesse Goninon

Additional AD
The Water Diviner (2014) Feature
Director: Russell Crowe
1st AD: Chris Webb
2nd AD: Scott Lovelock

Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures (2013)
TV Show
Director: Evan Clarry
1st AD: Russell Whiteoak

2nd Assistant Director
Boys in the Trees (2015) Feature
Director: Nicholas Verso
1st AD: Brad Lanyon

Girl Asleep (2015) Feature
Director: Rose Myers
1st AD: Brad Lanyon

Thoroughbred (2014) TVC
1st AD: Brad Lanyon

Adelaide Casino (2014) TVC
1st AD: Brad Lanyon

Wastelander Panda: Exile (2014) Web Series
Director: Victoria Cocks
1st AD: Brad Lanyon

Danger 5 Season 2 (2013) TV Show
Director: Dario Russo
1st AD: Brad Lanyon

Mujhe Pyar Ho Gyar (2012) Music Video
Director/Producer: Chris Kellett

The Babadook (2012) Feature
Director: Jennifer Kent
Producers: Kristina Ceyton & Kristian Moliere

The King is Dead (2011) Feature
Director: Rolf de Heer
1st AD: Brad Lanyon

Double Happiness Uranium (2010) Feature
Director: Cole Larsen
Producer/1st AD: Tom Young

Landscape Scene (2010) Short
Director: Mike Williamson
1st AD: Brad Lanyon

6 Characters (2008) Feature
Director: Robert Marchand
1st AD: Mark Knight

Daddy, Daddy (2010) Short
Director: Amber McBride
1st AD: Charmaine Kuhn

Priya (2009) Short Bollywood
Director: Chris Kellett
1st AD: Ella Macintyre

Shortcut to Emptiness (2007) Short
Director: Patrick Lang
1st AD: Dave Scarborough

3rd Assistant Director
Deadline Gallipoli (2014) Mini-Series
Director: Michael Rymer
Producers: Penny Chapman, Jacquelin Perske & John Schwarz
1st AD: Chris Webb
2nd AD: Brad Lanyon

Snowtown (2011) Feature
Director: Justin Kurzel
Producers: Sarah Shaw & Anna McLeish
1st AD: Nathan Croft
2nd AD: Travis Kalendra

Runner / PA
The X Factor: Cull Tour (2016)
TV Show
Casting AP: Amelia Chin

Big Brother: Housemate Hunt (2013)
TV Show
Casting Prd. Mgr: Lisa McSweeney
Casting Co-ordinator: Carrie Ball

West End Draught: The Reclaim (2013)
Online Content
Director/Producer: Ben Weir

Come Date with Me (2012) TV Show
Grenada Media

Red Dog (2011) Feature
Director: Kriv Stenders
Producers: Julie Ryan & Nelson Woss

Swerve (2010) Feature
Director: Craig Lahiff
Producer: Helen Leake

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