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Old News:

Kelly Menhennett has been nominated for a Fowlers Live Music Award! I’m so happy for her and proud of how our music video turned out. Watch it now.

I’m mid-way through shooting a music video for local folk-blues singer, Kelly Menhennett for her song Heart Beat Beat. She launches her album and the music video June 6th.

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 9.25.55 Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 9.21.09

The Sparklers music video for Autumn’s Passage was launched with a bang when the duo released their album and shot off on an Australian tour. Next up, the Wastelander Panda story continues with a series for ABC iview shooting next month. In the meantime, I’m working on an Austin-inspired music video for solo artist Kelly Menhennett.

I’m finalising the edit for Autumn’s Passage’s awesome new music video for their song, ‘Sparklers’. Still a bit of post work to go – stay tuned for the music vid release as well as their EP launch next month!
Also! Check out my new photography portfolio here


Other than a few short films with friends, I’ve enjoyed some time off this year, travelling with the Wastelander Panda team to SXSW in Texas and holidaying in Japan! Can’t wait for Wastelander Panda to launch TOMORROW! Check out to watch the episodes online.

I’m currently working on a music video for a beautiful song by Autumn’s Passage. We shoot next month.

After a well-received premiere at the Adelaide Zombie Walk After Party, Stomp the Dog’s new music video, ‘Network’ has been selected for the Silver Sound Music Video Film Festival in New York. Thanks and congratulations to everyone involved!

Wastelander Panda has been selected to be a part of SXSW! I’ll be joining the Epic team in March to spread the word from Austin, Texas right around the world.

The Sleeptalker music video ‘Wolves’ is in the can and ready to go! It will premiere at the MRC’s Clip It Launch at the end of this month (see the MRC website for date announcement).

Dorky Jesse1

We’re currently in the final stage of Stomp the Dog’s ‘Network’ music video; the colour grade – and it is looking pretty amazing. The video will be launched at the Adelaide Zombie Walk after-party, so if you want to be among the first to see it, join us at Fowlers Live on Saturday 6th October.

Old videos have been given new life online, Talk Derby to Me (2008) and Pleased to Meat You: Live with Sandra Faye (2009). If you missed their festival screenings, you can now check them out on Vimeo for free!

Also, my brand new Show Reel for 2012:

The Grenadiers’ “Old Uncle Scratch” music video is currently competing in the finals of the OneCloudFest online film festival – don’t forget to vote!

In other news, Wastelander Panda Webisodes officially starts pre-production this week! We’ll be selling merch and introducing people to Arcayus the Panda at AVCon later this month. There is a lot happening in the coming months so keep your eyes peeled!

Very special thanks to Stomp the Dog and all the crew, extras, and stunt fighters that made our music video shoot so successful. I can’t wait to show you the finished film clip – the footage is seriously awesome! Stomp the Dog are playing at The Ed Castle this Friday 13th – see you there!

"Network" Music Video Zombies

It’s official, Wastelander Panda has received enough generous donations to make a 3 part web-series, which we will then use to generate funding for tv series production. We’ll shoot the web series later this year. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, check it out below.

In the meantime, I’m working on a music video for local punk band, Stomp the Dog, for release in August.

I’m also celebrating the nomination of  ‘Old Uncle Scratch’ by Grenadiers for Best Music Video in the South Australian Screen Awards. You can also watch and vote for it in the first film festival on Facebook, OneCloudFest.

A short trailer that I worked on last year called Wastelander Panda has become an internet sensation in the past few days. Made by Epic Films with ten crew in the Flinders Ranges, the trailer got 100,000 views in the first few days. We’re planning to turn it into a TV series and would really appreciate your support. See the video below and contribute to our Pozible fund!

Congrats to all the filmmakers and bands involved in the Canon/MRC/Music SA ‘Clip It’ Initiative – all the music videos that premiered on Friday looked amazing!

If you like what you see above, check out Grenadiers on myspace or contact me to make an awesome music video for your band too! Special thanks to the incredible Viv Madigan for making this look so awesome. That goes to Sam Matthews, Sam Cherry, Kirsty, Ella, Katie, James Parker and Knight Frank as well, without whom this would be a pretty average film clip.

Thanks to Viv, Kirsty, Ella, Sam, Katie and the Grenadiers for a very exhausting shoot! The music video is shaping up very nicely in the edit and the screening date has been set for Friday 9th December at the Mercury Cinema.

Many thanks to those who voted in the Shorts Film Festival’s InDaily People’s Choice Awards. Both Concealed and Pleased to Meat You: Live with Sandra Fayewere selected in the group of six finalists. I’m so proud and honoured for both these films to be recognised in such an awesome film festival.

Concealed and Pleased to Meat You: Live with Sandra Faye have both been selected for competition at Shorts Film Festival. The films will be screened on the 12th and 13th of April in and the awards ceremony will be on 16th of April at Norwood Town Hall. Thanks and congrats to everyone involved! Wish us luck.

Shorts Film Festival Article

Radio Adelaide – Behind the Screens Interview
Radio Adelaide – Behind the Screens Interview 2 

For the second year in a row, our new TVC for Carclew’s Off the Couch gigs has been selected to air on TV. Check out Road Trippin’ on Channel Ten from this week. Thanks Viv, Krystle, Leigh, Kirsty, Aimee, Matt, Vesely, Jordan, Demelza, and Alex.

Concealed is now available for purchase at Birth International.

Upon entering a TVC into Carclew’s ‘Off The Couch Commercial Competition’, our ad DanceHappy has been selected to be broadcast! Thanks and congratulations to co-conspirators, Viv Madigan, Victoria Cocks, Leigh Kenyon, and Matt Crook. The ad will be aired up until 26th of March.

Congratulations to Helen Neeves for her nomination for Best Performance at the South Australian Screen Awards for her role in Concealed. In November last year, Kirsty Stark won Bronze at the Australian Cinematographers Society Awards for Concealed.

Helen Neeves and Kelly Carpenter on set of 'Concealed'

Helen and I on set during Concealed shoot.